Sunday, 11 August 2013

Sunfish Junior Nationals 2013

The 2013 Sunfish Junior National Championship was held on August 10th 2013, and hosted by the Nassau Yacht Club. The event saw a turn out of 9 boats, sailing in near perfect conditions of 14-16kts. The Race Committee was able to complete 6 races throughout the day, allowing for each competitor to 'drop' their worst score.

In the end, it was Paul De Souza who came out on top- with a near perfect score line throughout the 6 races. Congratulations to Paul De Souza for winning the 2013 Sunfish Junior National Championship!

Spencer Cartwright finished in second, with Brent Burrows finishing third.

The BSA would like to thank Donnie Matinborough, William Sands, Robert Dunkley, Donico Brown and everyone else who assisted with Race Committee for this superb day of racing in Montague Bay!

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