Monday, 19 August 2013

Snipe Junior Nationals 2013

The Bahamas Junior Snipe National Championships (Dunkley Trophy) was held on Saturday, August 17th at the Royal Nassau Sailing Club, in perfect Montagu Bay conditions – winds out of the east at 12 knots. 
Although there were only four teams competing, the racing was extremely close which made it an exciting event for all. As the sailors headed in for lunch after three races, three teams were tied for first. Each team; Paul de Souza with Pedro Rahming, Spencer Cartwright with Daniel Gibson and Alande Forbes with Thomas Phillips had six points. Each had a first, second and third place finish. Nathaniel Burnside with Lori Lowe were sitting in fourth.     
In the three races after lunch, it was all Spencer and Daniel. They won all three races to take top honors in the end with a total of 6 points (top five results were counted). Paul and Pedro took seconds in the last three races to finish second overall with 9 points.  Alande and Thomas finished third and Nathaniel and Lori in fourth.

It was a great day of sailing, and the sailors thanked the RNSC for hosting the event, Lori Lowe for organizing it and Jimmie Lowe, Tony Tillett, and Robert Dunkley for running the races.

Spencer Cartwright and Daniel Gibson, First Overall
Paul De Souza and Pedro Rahming, Second Overall

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