School Sports Program

School Sports Program
In the fall of 2008, the National Sailing School started a sailing program for the schools as part of their sports curriculum during term time with Stephen Dillet Primary School and Albury Sayles Primary School. In 2010 Columbus Primary School joined in to make it three.
The school sports program takes one class from one school per afternoon per week with approximately 15 – 25 novice sailors per group and teaches them basic sailing skills. Currently, it operates each Tuesday, Thursday and Friday during term time. We would like to expand this school program so that we have five or more schools per week participating through the year and will need to raise additional specific sponsorship funding in order to accomplish this goal.  Ultimately we would like these schools to have recognized sailing teams just as they have other sports teams. 

Summer Camp
The National Sailing School officially started with a summer sailing program that ran from June 27 through August 19, 2005 with 30 young sailors from D.W. Davis, C.H. Reeves and H.O. Nash Government Junior High Schools.  There were four sessions that were held in two week increments and were conducted at the Nassau Yacht Club Monday thru Friday 8:30 a.m. – 3:30p.m.. This is the same 8-week format that we continue to use for Summer Sailing.
During these summer sessions the students are educated in various aspects of beginner boat handling, safety, nautical terminology and equipment usage.  This includes training on land and on the water. 

The National Sailing School has now conducted seven summer programs spanning 2005 – 2011 with students participating from the following 38 schools:
1)   Adelaide Primary School
2)   A.F. Adderley Junior High School
3)   Albury Sayles Primary School
4)   Anatol Rodgers High School
5)   Aquinas College
6)   C.C. Sweeting Junior High School
7)   Central Eleuthera High School
8)   C.I. Gibson Senior High School
9)   Christian Heritage Academy
10)                  Columbus Primary
11)                  C.R. Walker Senior High
12)                  C.W. Sawyer Primary School
13)                  Discovery Learning Centre
14)                  Faithway Christian Academy
15)                  Genesis Academy
16)                  H. O. Nash Junior High School
17)                  Kingsway Academy
18)                  L.W. Young Junior High School
19)                  Mabel Walker Primary
20)                  Mangrove Bush Primary School (Long Island)
21)                  Mt. Carmel Preparatory School
22)                  N.M.G. Major High School (Long Island)
23)                  North Eleuthera Junior High School
24)                  Oakes Field Primary School
25)                  Pace Christian Academy
26)                  Palmdale Primary School
27)                  Queen’s College
28)                  S.C. McPherson Junior High
29)                  Sir Gerald Cash Primary
30)                  St. Augustine’s College
31)                  St. Andrews
32)                  St. John’s College
33)                  Stephen Dillet Primary
34)                  T. A. Thompson Junior High School
35)                  Tambearly School
36)                  Temple Christian
37)                  Workers Academy
38)                  Yellow Elder Primary School

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