The Bahamas Sailing Association (BSA), is the governing authority for the sport of sailing in The Bahamas operating under the guidance of the International Sailing Federation (ISAF).
It is a “Member National Authority” of the International Sailing Federation (ISAF) a member of the Bahamas Olympic Association (BOA) as well as the Pan American Sailing Federation (PASF). The Association is comprised of individuals and institutional members
The BSA was established in 1952 and is a non-profit member-based organization that currently accomplishes its mission through the services of volunteers and the financial support of member organizations, Bahamas Government, corporate sponsors and individuals.
Anyone or any entity interested in participating and/or developing the sport of sailing  anywhere in The Bahamas should join The Bahamas Sailing Association.

BSA’s Vision:
It’s vision is for The Bahamas to be globally recognized as a major contender in international sailing events as well as a renowned provider of sailing courses for residents of The Bahamas (particularly the youth) as well as foreigners. To see sailing become an integral part of the sports curriculum of all schools in The Bahamas. 
BSA's Mission:
1.      To promote and encourage sailing in all its aspects in The Bahamas.
2.      Through its sailing school(s), help young Bahamians in developing healthy, disciplined and productive lives.  
3.      To assist local clubs and other organizations develop their own sailing programs.
4.      To develop sailors who can compete effectively at the international level.
5.      To assist and select/approve the athletes representing The Bahamas at major international sailing events, including the Olympic Games, Pan American Games and various regional games/events.
BSA’s Values:
Effective leadership, recreational enjoyment (fun), competitiveness and physical fitness.  As part of our training we instill in our youth:
·         Discipline and responsibility
·         Self-respect and respect for others
·         Self-reliance and confidence

·         Sportsmanship and Teamwork

(Photo: Robert Dunkley)