Tuesday, 19 November 2013


Who said regattas are just for boats?

So inspired by the way out boats move, the Bahamas National Sailing School (BNSS) , under the patronage of the Bahamas' most notable sailor, Sir Durward Knowles,will be hosting its first ever fun walk, playfully dubbed, a foot regatta. What is the Bahamas National Sailing School, you ask? Founded in 2004, under the title of the National Sailing School, the BNSS, was established to develop a youth sailing program in a country whose first Olympic medals, gold and bronze were, in fact, in the sport of sailing. One of the sailors in that event, was, you guessed it, the event's patron, Sir Durward Knowles.

Why a foot regatta, you ask? The National Sailing School, which has since become the Bahamas National Sailing School, doesn't just facilitate youth sailing locally - It has coached local youth into and through sailing championships worldwide - most recently to ISF World Championships in Italy this summer. The BNSS continues to produce champion youth sailors, who rank amongst the top sailors in the region - a cause worthy of supporting.

The event will be held on Saturday November 30, 2013 beginning at the Nassau Yacht Club at 7am. There are two routes, Class A for casual foot cruisers about 2 miles, and Class B, a 5K sprint for those warming up for Marathon season.  Registration is $15 and forms are available at The Sports Center Harbour Bay, The Nassau Yacht Club, and The Community School. For more information, see the event on Facebook, contact Robert Dunkley at the Nassau Yacht Club or Tiffany Saunders at 376.9692 or footregatta@bnss.co.
Download the FLYER/REGISTRATION and the SPONSOR forms by clicking on the words.

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